Quilting Services


Edge-to-edge quilting provides an all over quilting design that is repeated from one edge of the quilt to the other and the rows are repeated from the top to the bottom of the quilt. Pantographs are used for these designs.

Each quilt top will be evaluated individually for edge-to-edge quilting.  Quilt tops should be pressed and free of any loose threads.  I have many design options and will be happy to help you decide on a pantograph choice if requested. On occasion, I can also provide binding services for an additional charge.

Backing fabric MUST measure at least 12” larger than your quilt top giving me at least 6” of extra fabric on each side.

For your convenience, I carry batting choices of Hobbs 80/20, Hobbs Cotton, Quilter’s Dream Wool, Quilter’s Dream Puff and Quilter’s Dream 70/30. Batting charges will apply. Thread charges are $1.50 per bobbin.

My wait time varies throughout the year so please contact me for my current turnaround time.  I try to accommodate deadlines as much as possible.

Payment must be made in full before your quilt will be shipped back to you.  Additional shipping charges may apply as pricing varies with weight, distance and insurance required.

I am a ribbon winning quilter and my work has been accepted into national and international juried shows.  I would love to help you create a work of art that can be enjoyed throughout many years.

We have made a PDF available of all of our Pantograph options that are available.