Quilting Services

'Heirloom Memory' Quilt

I will create a unique, one-of-a-kind heirloom memory quilt using clothing items or fabrics from your loved ones.

Quilts have been such a special part of my life for many reasons and can spark such wonderful memories among families and loved ones.

Memory quilts create such honor and can offer comfort and warmth to those who have lost a special loved one. Memory quilts are a wonderful way to celebrate anniversaries and other life accomplishments as well.

I created the Spradlin quilt to honor my husband’s family in many ways. I was able to incorporate articles of clothing from his parents and all siblings, note their birthdays in the quilting and even record the children born to each sibling.

Since each of our families are unique, I want to work with you individually to create something truly special that will reflect your family or the special person that you wish to honor.

Each quilt will be priced individually but most will start at $500 for a small wall hanging size.

Larger quilts require more design work and details and will be priced accordingly.

My turnaround time varies throughout the year so please contact me with specific deadline requests.

Payment must be made in full before your quilt will be shipped to you. Additional shipping charges may apply as pricing varies with weight, distance and insurance required.